Rafe Blaidd
Biographical information

July 17th, 1962, Nuorgam, Utjoki, Finland


March of 1979

  • Alpha
  • Mutt
  • Wolf
Physical description


  • 6'2 (1.93 cm)
Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color


Skin color


Family information
Family members
  • Opal Cullen (Sister)
  • Logan Blaidd (Father)
  • Rachel Blackburn (Mother)
Magical characteristics
  • Can morph into a giant wolf freely
  • Telepathy with his pack
  • Delayed aging
  • Superhuman regeneration, senses, endurance, durability and strength
Special abilities
  • Use of the 'Alpha' command
  • Limited telepathy with other Alphas

Raphael Logan 'Rafe' Blaidd is the werewolf leader of the Finnish pack and he's half Quilete Native American and half Irish. He's a student of New Moon high school,located in the almost unheard Breaking Dawn Village.


Rafe Blaidd was born to Logan and Rachel Blaidd, who were married for a few years and then divorced. His father is also a werewolf and used to be Alpha of the Finnish pack, before he walked away.

His ancestors were Quiletes Native Americans and lived at the La Push reservation in Forks, Washighton. They were shapeshifters, just like the ones that exist today in the same place. But, suddenly, some of them started to have more enhanced abilities than the rest. By time, these shapeshifters formed a new species, much more powerful than the regular ones. They called themselves werewolves, stayed at Forks and created their own pack, but shared a close bond with the rest fo the Quiletes.

Logan, Rafe's father realised his pack drew too much attention at the United States and feared of a possible Volturi attack. Thus, he decided to move his whole pack across the Atlantic, to Finland and settled to the northest part of the country.


The La Push pack, Rafe's relatives

Physical appearence:Edit

Rafe is decribed as quite tall,he's 6'2 (1.93cm) and muscular with copper skin. He's got light hazel eyes, a combination between the dark brown eyes of his father and green eyes of his mother. Rafe's hair is dark brown, almost black and curly that reach just below his chin.

When he's in his wolf form, his fur is grey and white, with spots of black in it.

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Rafe in his wolf form