Lena dark

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Lena Dark
Biographical information

January 19th, 1970

  • Crazy goth chick
  • Sis
  • Love
Physical description

Human-vampire hybrid




4'9 (1.50 cm)

Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Family information
Family members
  • Lacey Dark (Sister)
  • Fay Dark (Sister)
  • Warp Dark (Father)
  • Sarah Dark (Mother)
Special characteristics
  • Basic vampiric abilities
  • Mind reaching



LenaDark is a moderator on the Breaking Dawn Village forums. She has been an user in BDVille since September 2010 and a mod since February 2011.


Lena Dark is a Vampire/Human hybrid. She is 41 years old, but her physical age is 15. She currently enrolls New Moon High. Her birthday is on January 19. She has two sisters called Lacey(being her twin) and Fey Dark(not roleplayed) and a boyfriend, Colin Sharp.

Physical appearanceEdit

Lena has pitch black hair and pure white skin, making her easily distinguishable from other people. Her eyes are green and never change, unlike usual vampires' eyes which vary from yellow or red (depending on their diet) to black. She is quite short and very light. She always carries a small handbag with her, in which she has her cell phone, laptop, wallet and make-up. She wears gothic-styled clothes and minimal to none make-up.


Lena is shy and quite an opposite to her friendly and outgoing sister. She hopes to marry Colin and graduate both New Moon High and Eclipse College with a golden medal. She's very strong and always stands up for people she cares for. She's a little afraid of male vampires, because she was used by her father, Warp Dark. She likes a lot of music, computer games and books. She also speaks a lot of languages including Finnish, Arab, Chinese and she's currently studying Gaelic and Hindi.

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Her mother Sarah and her father Warp were a couple. They had Fey (Sarah managed to live through it without being turned) and a few years later, Lacey and Lena. Sarah got into a car crash and was turned into a vampire. After that the past of the girls is unclear. Warp somehow got very rich and had many affairs with many women, including Marylena Hamilton and many others. Sarah found out and they devorced and Lacey went to live with Sarah, Fey and Lena stayed with Warp. One day the twins ran into each other and the parents agreed to try again for the girls and they went to New Moon High. Fey had parted from them a few years earlier.