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Between 5'8 (1.79 cm) and 6'0 (1.85 cm)

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Jared Stephan Merianne is a human of New Moon High, located in the almost unheard of Breaking Dawn Village.



Born on July 11th, 1993 in St. Joseph's hospital in the again almost unheard of Princetown, he was born three years before his younger sister.

Jared is of Italian and French origin, but was raised in the UK with his younger sister Castella. He stayed back a year in Middle School, and enrolled at New Moon High a year after Castella had done because he was expelled from his last High School.


Jared is a naturally flirtatious person, and flirts with "every other thing that wears a skirt" as Castella has often told him. Unlike her, he is also very wary of vampires and werewolves, finding it difficult to believe they actually exist.

He has a close relationship with his younger sister, and often hides his jealousy of other men in her life.

Jared also took a liking to Opal Cullen before he found out she was a vampire and was old enough to be his grandmother.

He recently has taken a liking to London Fury.


Jared is what he likes to call himself " a happy-go-lucky" person with narcisstic tendencies. Overall he is a friendly person, and is close to most of his friends and family. Jared also has a lot more to him than he lets show, with more than just the one "big" secret which has proven to make him a little paranoid.

He is superstitious, and thinks highly of himself. He likes to say that his dream is to become a millionaire, and that he isn't much of an angry person.

Castella describes her brother as kind, sweet, charming with a hint of arrogance, just a stubborn as herself, playful and easily amused, but bores quickly.

Physical appearence:Edit

Jared is described as being pale, unlike his father and sister, with a long face and pointed features. His eyebrows are fine and arched, and his eyes supposedly always have a keen sparkle to them. His height is between 179 and 185 cm, but he doesn't like to tell, and is very proud of his lean and muscular figure.

His most prized and notable feature is his shoulder length, fine brown hair that accentuates how sculpted his long neck is. He frequently is found to be saying "My awesome hair is ..." or "If I could marry my hair, I would."