Castella Paola Merianne is a human student of New Moon high school, located in the almost unheard Breaking Dawn village.

Castella Merianne
Biographical information

September 5th, 1995

Physical description





5'3'' (1.62 cm)

Hair color

Chocolate brown

Eye color

Chocolate Brown

Family members
  • Jared Merianne (Brother)
  • Mr. Merianne (Father)
  • Mrs. Merianne (Mother)




Born on September 5th, 1995 in St. Joseph's hospital in the again almost unheard of Princetown, Castella is of Italian and French origin, but was raised in the UK.

She enrolled at New Moon High after she had a fight with her mother. She is three years younger than her older brother Jared.


Castella is friends with almost anyone at school. She's quite friendly with vampires and also werewolves but Jack Mortender, Eclipse College's mysterious warlock, seems to scare her.

Her relationship with Jacob Moore is a strained one, mostly by his constant insults and teasing, but she also likes werewolf Rafe Blaidd very much.


Castella is the most obnoxious of her family, competing easily with her older brother whom apparently is just as bad as her, and has a fowl temper that rises just as quickly as it cools down.

She is a very thoughtful and imaginative person, and often very dreamy, but she often contradicts herself with a lot of skepticism and her down-to-earth thoughts. Castella is known for worrying easily, and being kind when she wants to. She is known for being smart, and a bit of a "know-it-all";she likes to laugh and can be charming on occasion.Jared describes her as "quirky and eccentric".

Physical appearance: Edit

She has a rather petite physique; being skinny and short, with café-au-lait tanned skin and a small heart-shaped face.

Castella has long and disobedient chocolate brown hair that varies from naturally wavy to long and straight, and large, almond shaped brown eyes of the same shade as her hair.

Her favourite feature is her small mouth, her lips slightly pink and with a natural pout. " I like to think I have cherry lips." she often tells herself with a laugh.